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Visa Application for United Kingdom


UK Standard Visitor Visa


Important Travel Document Information – Please Read

If you are looking for a short term visit to the UK, you can start on this site by clicking on "Start Application" and choosing "Standard Visitor Visa" from the selection.

If you are looking for a longer term visa, please select the appropriate option on the form or call us for advice. When applying for a visitor visa to the UK, you can choose the following options:

  • 6 months
  • 2 years
  • 5 years
  • 10 years

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Instructions and Help about UK visa application

Hi guys this is Mubashar, Are you considering applying for a British tourist visa but you don't know where to start, have you tried searching online but find all the information too overwhelming and then lucky for you, i will discuss a step by step guide on how to apply for British tourist visa if you want to know, keep reading my blog journey.yugo.pk, this article may be country specific guide, but for those of you who are not from the Pakistan, this article might be useful for you because i will give a tip or two on how to last you get your visa, so just a warning I am not an expert in immigration or visa British tourist, but my opinion is based on my own experience, so first of all I've been to the UK twice both are for visiting purposes, so first of all how to apply for tourist visa, First British tourist visa will not be launched at the British embassy in Islamabad, you must submit your application via their official partner which is global vfs the good part about visa application for the UK is that there are no interviews unlike when you apply for a visa for the United States, but the problem is not having an interview, it is that you will not be able to express or you will not be able to explain a little bit more about why you want to visit the UK, so since you will not be able to explain yourself in person or through an interview, you will have to do everything through documents, so you will have to submit as much or as many documents as possible to support your request, the restriction on your visit cannot exceed six months, you must have enough money to support yourself during your visit without working or needing help from public funds or you can have a sponsor like me at the time when applying for tourist visa, my friend at the time with so many burns, he was my sponsor, so I will explain a little more about that later, you are not allowed to work while you are on a visit visa, this is the most common misconception many people think that once you are in the UK, you are automatically allowed to find work no no no you are not allowed to work otherwise you risk being expelled and you can be banned for 10 years, judging by the name of the tourist visa. Tourist you are visiting so you are not allowed to work then you will not marry or register a civil partnership this is not allowed if you intend to marry your boyfriend or girlfriend you will have to go back to your country of origin and apply for a fiancée visa from there, you cannot register a civil partnership or marriage or anything like that while you are in a visit visa your tourist visa is strictly reserved for the visit, the next question is when can you apply for your tourist visa The British visa can be applied for a maximum of three months from the date of planned entry.

UK Standard Visitor Visa

The standard visitor category replaced all of the following categories: family, university, sports, entertainment, business and private medical care.

You must meet the eligibility requirements to successfully obtain a standard visit visa and you can be refused if you have already been expelled or deported from the UK, you have a criminal conviction, you have broken immigration laws from the UK before, you have provided false information or representations, failure to provide information or identity documents, you are in debt to the NHS or your presence in the UK is undesirable for medical reasons. If any of these apply to you, we recommend that you obtain professional immigration advice before applying.

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You also have to meet the eligibility requirements:

You have to be a real visitor.
You must be able to find accommodation and maintain yourself while in the UK without resorting to public funds using your own funds or those of third parties.

You must not intend to work, study, receive payments, receive medical care, get married or form a civil partnership during your stay in the UK.

There are additional requirements set for some of the standard visitors, namely children, visitors for private medical treatment, organ donors, ADS visitors, academics wishing to stay for 12 months.

For how long a standard visitor visa is granted?

Standard visitors will usually be granted a 6 month visa, unless they come here for medical care, in which case they can benefit from a stay of up to 11 months, academics can receive up to 12 months and visitors under the Approved Destination Status Agreement (ADS) can be given up to 30 days.

What is the process to apply for a standard visitor visa?

To apply for a standard visitor visa, you must apply online. Once you have submitted the application and paid the visa fee, you will need to make an appointment to attend a visa application center in the country you are applying for (or in the neighboring country in some cases) to register your biometric details. You must also submit the supporting documents required with your request to the address indicated.

How long will it take to get a decision?

Standard visitor visas are normally processed within approximately three weeks. However, processing times may vary from country to country. You can check it here:

What are additional requirements for minors (under 18)?

There must be appropriate provisions in place for minors who apply for a standard visitor visa for their travel and stay in the UK. Their parents or guardians must have consented to their traveling to the UK. They must be able to afford a round trip and have enough money to support themselves without resorting to public funds or working while in the UK. Minors can be cared for by their friends or family they visit in the UK.

How can we help to maximize your chances to be granted a standard visitor visa?

Anglia's immigration law is there to ensure that your visit visa application is made in accordance with recent changes to UK immigration rules. You can expect excellent customer service, prompt and professional service from our experienced immigration team for an affordable fixed price.

Our visa specialists will carefully explain to you the current requirements that you must meet, guide you through the specified proofs that must be submitted with your application and also write detailed declarations to accompany the application at the customs clearance station abroad (applications outside of the country) or the Home Office (in national applications). We will then take care of all correspondence with the decision maker until your visa application is processed.

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