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We accept guest posts on this blog, but only if they match the quality and areas we are focusing on.

If you adhere to the following guidelines, please feel free to submit a guest post idea or full message to Adam at this address: rmubashar23@gmail.com

Useful for readers:
the message must above all be useful to readers in itself. Posts focused on the sale of a specific product, business or service will not be accepted.

Message Length: We publish detailed and useful articles. A typical post will be over 1000 words with at least 4 links to authoritative sites, not including your own site.

Unique: the message cannot have been published anywhere else.

Links: No links in the content to websites with a lot of spam.

Images: you must provide an interesting relevant image with legal rights for distribution with the message (minimum width 650 pixels).

Author Box: You will receive a two sentence author box with no more than two links, one of which can be an offer type.

Subject: We publish articles on inbound marketing, customer feedback, Net Promoter Score / NPS, customer experience, and customer service. Check our site to make sure your post matches our content.

Ownership: We'll take ownership of the content once it's posted. You can repost similar content on your own website, but not an exact copy of the content. You will have to let us know and it cannot be published anywhere else.

Spelling and grammar: these must be of high quality.

Note that submitting a message does not guarantee that it will be accepted. We reserve the right to publish or not to publish the articles submitted.