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Free Air Travel Facility

Mps’ Family Members Being Allowed Free Air Travel Facility

ISLAMABAD: Members of the deputies' family are allowed to travel by plane with state money allocated to their leaders, the federal legislators.

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The Law on Members of Parliament (salaries and allowances) is being amended to achieve this objective. A bill to this effect has been tabled in the National Assembly. It is said that the expression in the current legislation, deputies entitled to 25 round-trip business class plane tickets, is replaced by the right to receive travel vouchers for an equal amount of 25 plane tickets. Round-trip plane in business class from Pakistan International Airlines (PIA).

These vouchers will be added to the already available vouchers of Rs300,000 which are used to travel by plane or train by MPs and their family members for one year.

The bill indicates that unused airline tickets and vouchers for the 2019-2020 fiscal year will remain acceptable until they are used until June 30, 2020. The purpose statement and the reasons for the proposed law indicate that article 10 of the current law regulates the privilege of traveling free of Deputies, who are entitled to 25 round-trip air tickets in business class from the airport closest to their constituency to Islamabad, by year. In addition, coupons of Rs300,000 to be used for traveling by plane or train.

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