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Bakers in Lahore

Bakers in Lahore That Will Help You the Next Time You Need a Customized Cake

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In recent years, Pakistan, let alone Lahore, has witnessed an increase in the number of household products manufacturing companies. With the increasing adoption of the Internet, including platforms like Facebook, women at home have the opportunity to start a business and increase their household income without having to leave home.

Do not lie, some bakeries that are open are really bad and provide very poor products. But that does not mean that everyone is bad. In fact, Lahore has some of the best bakers who exceed the expectations of their customers and meet many requests. Here are some of Lahore's amateur bakers who might be useful when you have to order a cake, cupcakes or cookies.

Cakery Bakery

Cakery Bakery is known for its tantalizing Lotus Cookie Cheesecakes, but it does not stop there otherwise we would not do it justice. All other cakes that come out of this place are just as extraordinary, whether it's a cheesecake, a mille-feuille, a sponge cake with butter cream or ganache. Damn. SO GOOD. Not only do they taste great, but they also look great with text and floral arrangements. The cupcakes and donuts that come out are also divine.

Cakes and Delicacies

Farrukh Bakhsh prepares cakes and desserts that may not be the best visually, but they compensate for this otherwise. Farrukh focuses on the taste and we appreciate it because what is the perfect cake without taste? She works with cream, butter cream, ganache and even gives cooking classes for juniors. If you're interested, go for it! She also makes these deadly Nutella brownies that, if you order once, will never leave your life.


Saba Zafar, who is behind Cakeology, prepares some of the city's wettest cupcakes and cakes; she works with fondant, butter cream and ganache. Although the average and the last do not really require modeling and structure skills, the fondant cakes she makes especially cartoons and movie characters are waiting for you. In addition, she has impeccable piping skills.

Cake Monster

Cake Monster should be your choice when it comes to butter cream. The lady who runs the business can turn a simple cake into a beautiful rose with butter cream and you can expect to drool at the sight. Not only do the cakes look good, but they also have character and taste. Other than that, there are also fondant cakes on site that, as you can see, have required a lot of talent and work. She makes melting figurines that actually look like anything she was asked.


Whipped makes some of the best dessert bowls and dessert cups in the city. Their matching cakes, in which you get about 6 per 1,000 rupees, are the best friends of meetha lovers. With red velvet, chocolate variations and vanilla and caramel cupcakes, your tea is tidy. Whipped also offers delicious cake with butter cream and fondant, and a cake to die for grace.

Have you tried pastries in Lahore that are not mentioned here but are worth mentioning? Let us know, we could add them to this list!

The Floofies

The Floofies is known for its groundbreaking work. They make life-size cakes, surreal and all that with fondant. So, surrealist, you wonder for a moment if a bottle of coca-cola is actually a bottle or a cake ... or if a pot of biryani contains rice or if it is a complex fondant. The woman behind The Floofies was also trained at SCAFA in Dubai and Lahore Culinary School. You cannot expect her to be wrong with her cakes.

Ye Olde Cake Shoppe

Yeh Olde Cake Shoppe offers some of the most "homemade" cakes. In the sense that they remind you of mom's cakes ... until you take a bite, they seem straight out of a pastry. The founder and cream cakes are led by the woman who runs the business, but her specialty is cheesecake. And dude, does she know how to get in without complaining with a fork and dig in? Whether it's his classic New York cheesecake or a strawberry, or a nutella or anything else ...

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