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How to Start Furniture Business

 Start Business of a Furniture Store

We have a great idea for those who want to build a new store - boutique. We've put together a great guide to opening a furniture store that you all know but find it hard to condense and want to know about issues like profit margin. We'll clarify all the details you need to create a furniture gallery in the guide.

Furniture Store

Why should I start a furniture store?

When you open a furniture store, you deal with as few customers as 5-10 a day. Usually, if you are not interested in heavy work as a business owner. If you love furniture, this industry is for you.

The biggest advantages of the industry are that even 1 sale per day offers great monthly earnings. The profit margin of furniture galleries is often close to 40%. Recently, furniture prices are close to 10 thousand pounds 3-4 thousand pounds, you have serious profit potential.

How to Open

To open a furniture store, you first need to find a store where you can set up your store. When trying to find a store, make sure your furniture store is at least 150 square meters. You will also be relieved in the long run to find a store with a warehouse as your furniture gallery store will start stocking up on time.

Furniture stores can be both out of town and in town; there are no serious limits to this problem. But being in the city is, of course, a factor that can place you first over your competition. If you are planning to set up your furniture store outside of town, you can also browse 2 story stores as your rent will be lower. The larger the furniture gallery stores, the more customers stay in the store and the better the chances of giving you positive feedback.

After setting up your store, you will first need to issue your license. By going to the municipality of your region

  • Copy of the Population portfolio
  • Tax plate (certified from the most recent year)
  • Lease (notarized)
  • Consent of floor owners (notary)
  • Partner if the partnership invoice must be opened

If the business is to be opened in the name of the business; Trade.Sicil Journal Activity certificate

Settlement certificate (from Zoning Md.)

If the workplace is to be taken over, you will need to present the transfer agreement).

With all these documents, you can obtain your license without any problem by going to the municipality to which you are affiliated. On average, you should be ready for 2-3 thousand larval costs.

How Much Money We Need - Capital Claim

“How much capital do you need” is one of the first questions people usually ask themselves when it comes to opening a furniture store. One of the biggest costs of furniture stores is decorating. In such businesses, you should always pay attention to the decoration to attract customers.


Of great importance is the process of delivery and installation in furniture stores. You have to bring the furniture safely to the customer's home and install it on site without any problems.

All furniture galleries do these things, but it has to be said, not everyone does it right. So if you do the shipping and installation work instead of outsourcing it to others, at least you won't have any questions about your customer's satisfaction.

A second-hand, middle-class transport vehicle can be purchased for around 50,000 lire. You must include it in the cost list.

Advice for Openers of Mobile Stores

  1. Having your store in town gives you a huge advantage
  2. Remember to advertise often, people often change the furniture and are open to different ideas.
  3. Decorating your furniture store is important. You can even get professional help.
  4. Check your competition to determine your prices. Try not to sell them for too low or too high a price. Because a customer who comes to you will likely look at your competitor's prices after you.
  5. Don't stock up too much on different models of furniture. You can have 1 for display. You will always have customers who want different things.
  6. Note that if you don't have friendly staff, you probably start at -1.
  7. Don't miss out on help installing and moving furniture around the house.
  8. Make sure you have male and female staff in your furniture store.
  9. Treat every customer that comes to your store and make them spend more time inside. According to one analysis, the longer a customer stays in a store, the more likely they are to spend. This should be your first rule.
  10. Furniture is often replaced for fun, not out of necessity. So you really have to have the furniture you want on the market and follow the trends of the season. If you put 100 models of furniture in the store and never change those products for a year, you can't do business. Instead of storing too much of one product, stock it bit by bit from different products.
  11. Take insurance. Remember that even the smallest spark can damage your entire capital, and most burnt down businesses are such stores.

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